Upcoming Toy Aussie Litters

We take special consideration into each of our breeding pairs in order to provide the best puppies possible. 

 Deposits will be accepted for these but Blasted River Aussies & Poodles have the first pick. Deposits are non-refundable but they can be changed to a new litter if there is another puppy you like more for your family. 

June Bug & Ryder

Spring 2020

 June Bug is 20 lbs at 13.5 inches tall. She is also clear for all testing. 

Ryder is 14 lbs at 13 inches tall. He is clear for all testing. 

This litter will a great set of Tri colored babies! Be on the Lookout. I adore the Tri colors!

Deposits are $300, non-refundable but can carry over to another litter.  


June Bug


Look at her beautiful red color. June Bug loves the attention. She is always a great mom.  



Ryder is one of the favorites in the pack. He has great lines with those sweet baby blues. 

Blue Belle & ??

Spring/Summer 2020

BlueBelle weighs about 10 lbs and stands at 11 inches. She is cleared by percentage.

Deposits are $300, non-refundable but can carry over to another litter. 


Blue Belle


Blue Belle is from Rhetta and Cash. She is a tiny but mighty little girl. She is a tiny girl with those great Aussie features.



To Be Announced